How Lissett Performs

Firstly we are serious about reducing CO2 emissions in everything we do, including how we manufacture your home, the products we use, how we heat our factory and recycle all our waste. We design all our homes to be low carbon buildings, which perform extremely well in terms of energy usage to heat and light them.

In terms of how our Park Homes and Holiday Lodges perform, our current minimum specification exceeds current requirements for thermal performance as per 2006 building regulations. We are able to deliver a 20% improvement over current building regulations, meaning that our buildings can be constructed to enable them to be assessed under a Code Level 2. We have built homes to a code level 3 and are able to build to a code level 4 currently.

What is the significance?

Heat is lost from the building through air leakage, the fabric conducting heat away (fabric loss), radiation loss and natural ventilation. CO2 is generated from heating/hot water systems, lighting and appliances. Lissett Homes are designed to minimise the losses and incorporate the most energy efficient heating, lighting and appliances available. We undertake air permeability testing of our homes regularly to quality assure our build integrity and air tightness. Our results are exemplary, with air test engineers quoting that are windows and overall build quality achieve among highest results of any modern designed low carbon building.

The significance is that all Lissett homes are highly efficient low carbon buildings, and offer the owner a superb environment in which to reside — with the reassurance that it is future proofed to ensure low running costs.