Environmentally Smart

Lissett has taken an innovative approach to using more environmentally friendly products, with this is mind we can offer you a range of alternative products.

We have introduced as standard:

  • Energy saving lights throughout the home ranging from 7 watts to 11 watts
  • Cold roof insulation giving a U value of 0.18W/M²K
  • Floor insulation giving a U value of 0.18W/M²K
  • Wall insulation giving a U value of 0.32W/M²K
  • All of our basin and kitchen taps have flow limitors
  • All of our toilets have dual flush 6 Ltr / 3 Ltr
  • Kitchen appliances are graded A efficiency
  • Condensing gas boilers band A
  • Grade A windows and double glazing
  • Code for Sustainable homes (Code 1 & 2) if operating on Natural gas

We also offer as an extra:

  • Solar water heating
  • Log or pellet Burners
  • Heat Pumps (standard in certain ranges)
  • Heat recovery / exchange systems (standard in certain ranges)
  • Recycling centres in kitchen (standard in certain ranges)
  • Underfloor heating (standard in certain ranges)
  • Recycled grey water for toilets, washing machine and watering your garden
  • Thinulex thermal blanket for improving insulation (floor and roof)
  • Pulley maids for drying your clothes in the winter months
  • Code for Sustainable homes (Code 3, 4 and 5)

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

We are very concious of the importance of reducing waste from the manufacturing process as much as possible. We endeavour to use less energy and recycle about 70% of our waste. Our waste timber is shredded and used in our wood burner which heats the factory. We have generator power 50% of which runs on bio fuel. We recycle all our polythene and plastic waste to a company that uses it to make hard drains. All of our cardboard is bailed and recycled through a local company. We segregate waste into metal, cardboard, rigid plastic, polythene, timber and any thing that needs taking to pieces and segregating again. We are buying more sustainable products. Our insulation is classified as zero ozone depletion potential. The Glass insulating wool is made from 70% recycled glass. Our timber (PSE) is supplied by an FSA registered company. The roof tiles that we buy are 25% recycled steel. We use Egger board to manufacture our bedroom, study, bathroom and kitchen furniture. Egger is an FSC accredited company.