Step by Step

Now that you have taken the first step towards considering the purchase of a Home, I would like to explain the next steps that you are able to take.

Factory visit

We would be pleased to take you on a tour of our production facilities so that you can see the quality of materials used during the production process and judge for yourself the care and skill that are taken with each and every home that we build.

At any given time we have four homes under construction so you are able to see how we produce homes to suit the needs of our customers. Homes are often customised both internally and externally so that all our homes are virtually unique to you, our customer.

It is our company policy to allow visitors to see everything to do with the construction of the homes instead of having just a showhome display - nothing is hidden from you. Apart from just seeing the production line the other areas you can see are:

Window Shop - We produce all our own external windows, doors and conservatories
Router Shop - We produce all our own fitted furniture for kitchens/bedrooms and studies
Spray Shop - This is on view when not in use
Drawing Office - You are able to see first hand homes being designed and drawn

An appointment to view the factory is preferred so that we are able to plan our time with you.

Showhome at the factory

In the final production bay we always have a home which is virtually complete. Seeing this home gives you the opportunity to judge for yourself our normal everyday build quality.

Before leaving the factory you have the opportunity to discuss design changes. You can take away large scale floor plans of the homes you are interested in.


Once you have decided upon the purchase of a Lissett home we are then able to produce the detailed specification for your home. For the specification an itemised quotation is produced showing you exactly what your home is going to cost.

The specification document covers every aspect of your home. It is at this meeting that you are able to make changes to the design of your home should you so wish. You will be choosing wallpaper colours, carpets, curtains and furnishings from our extensive ranges.

All these selections and changes are made with guidance from Lissett.

Specifications usually take several hours to produce and so with this in mind, a light lunch is always provided in the office.

Ordering a home

Orders for homes into Residential/Holiday Parks are always confirmed with the Park direct. The Park in turn confirms the order with us on your behalf.

Lead times

From the time of ordering a home from us, to the home being delivered to the Park, the lead time can vary. The lead time varies between eight and sixteen weeks depending on the time of year and the state of the housing market.

You can contact us any time and we will be pleased to let you know when the next available production slot could be available for your home.

As you can see, we at Lissett are able to offer a highly personal and comprehensive service to help you make the right decisions for your future.